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Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment - Special Offer for May

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Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment - Special Offer for May

Target Learning's Mathematics Diagnostic Assessments provide a detailed report of what your child knows and what they need to work on.  This report can be used in various ways to support academic growth.

  • You can use the report to guide instruction as you work with your child on your own.
  • Our tutors can use this report to create personalized lessons that meet your child's specific needs.
  • We can use it to prescribe personalized independent online instruction that meets your child's specific needs.  This option is great for busy students and can also replace summer workbooks.

This special offer is only available for the month of May.  Sessions will be held on Wednesdays after school and on Saturday mornings.   Once you register, we will be in touch to confirm your assessment date and time.

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Thank you for registering for Target Learning's Diagnostic Assessments.  We look forward to working with you to assist your child in attaining academic success.

We will be in contact soon to schedule an assessment date and time.  Please email if you have any questions.

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Keisha Allen-Smith